Refund Policy

We at Kesari Awayddings strive to provide excellent service to our customers. However, we understand that there may be circumstances where a refund is necessary. Our refund policy is as follows:

  1. Cancellation Policy: Customers can cancel their order within 24 hours of placing it for a full refund. After 24 hours, cancellations are subject to review and may not be eligible for a full refund.
  2. Refund Eligibility: Refunds are only issued for services that have not been provided or completed. If the service has been partially completed, a partial refund may be considered based on the extent of completion.
  3. Refund Process: To request a refund, customers must contact our customer support team at []. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method within 7-10 business days of approval.
  4. Exceptions: Some services may have specific refund policies outlined separately. Customers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of each service before making a purchase.
  5. Refund Disputes: In case of any disputes regarding refunds, customers are requested to contact our customer support team for resolution. We will strive to address any concerns promptly and fairly.

By using our Service, you agree to abide by the terms of our refund policy. Kesari Awayddings reserves the right to amend or update this policy at any time without prior notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, please contact us at / 9370157830

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